Story Nights: Firsts


Story Nights has been known to bring people of Cebu for the same shared love for stories and storytelling. The fifth event was held at Grafik 9, across USC-TC, on January 12, 2019 8:30 to 10:30 PM.

Story Nights HQ Founder Hon Chong graced the event, first sneak peek of Rachel’s upcoming book, Story Nights First FB live coverage, and First Story Nights marriage proposal!

It was indeed a jam-packed night with so many activities happening. All the stories were, of course, shared surrounding the theme ‘FIRSTS’.


Our first storyteller was a natural at storytelling: Jehan shared her story when she first left Cebu and moved to work in Bahrain. It was also when she experienced a lot of firsts.


Our second storyteller Mukesh comes from India currently lives in Vietnam. He shared about his first love and later—losing her, amounting to his first heartbreak.

During the break, Story Nights: Cebu founder, Rachel Arandilla with her publisher Donald Villamero of DCO Publishing introduced amazing news: Rachel, a travel columnist, blogger and writer, will be publishing her first book entitled ‘Postcards from Elsewhere’, set to be out on bookstores early this year. The postcards are illustrated by Celina Paredes.

donald villamero celina paredes cebu publishing.jpg
story nights cebu rachel arandila.jpg

After the break, we got to hear from 4 more storytellers and the variety of stories shared.

Aldrin Suan (a.k.a. Aldrincore) shared his journey from being very introverted to opening up to the world his amazing talent and passion for design. The award-winning designer also shares that this was his first public speaking engagement.

hedda love story nights.jpg

Hedda shared her kilig-worthy story about how she received her first bouquet—and quite recently at that. She is the girlfriend of another fellow Story Nights storyteller and Stray Poet, Rey.

Windy impressed us with her first (and only) childbirth experience. She was traveling across different countries and continents while having a blissful pregnancy, and later go through fifteen hours of labor. The crowd was surprised to see that her child was the pretty and tall girl with her—in fact they totally looked like sisters!


Last storyteller was Karl, who shared his ‘cheesy’ backpacking experience. He shared his story on how, during his backpacking trip across Southeast Asia, he met a cute girl in Vietnam—and how the cute girl broke her heart three times.

In the end, the audience was surprised because the cute girl that broke her heart was actually in the room, listening to his story intently. It was actually happily-ever-after after all for both of them!

The biggest surprise was to follow: Karl reached for his pocket and took out a small box and knelt before his girlfriend Jenny (Linh) and popped the big question: WILL YOU MARRY ME?

story nights cebu proposal.jpg

The event was definitely a big success with a lot of happenings going on in one night! Our next event for February is Tinder Story Nights, happening on February 23, Saturday, at The Company Cebu IT Park.

FB Event Page: Story Nights: Cebu – Modern Love and Tinder Story Nights

All photos courtesy of Rey Carlos Rosales and Gian Solamo


Story Nights: Cebu is the local chapter of an international storytelling club and live event series dedicated to inspiring, healing, transforming and entertaining people through the art of storytelling.  

At Story Nights we can get together for a magical evening of true personal stories which are told live by people from all walks of life!  We believe anyone can be a storyteller.


Story Nights: Cebu is a once-a-month event and we intend to organize the event across different venues and establishments in Cebu, Philippines.

Admission is free but we run on a pay-as-you-will basis. Any kind donation will help us pay the cost of running the event–Story Nights is a non-profit association but we still have expenses to cover the event.

Story Nights believes that everyone can be a storyteller. Story Nights is created to inspire the community with the stories and inspire others to be storytellers themselves, too.

To know more about Story Nights: Cebu, do visit the following FB Page Story Nights: Cebu and IG @storynightscebu

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