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I’m a big ANTHILL fan.

Few clothing brands ‘speak’ to me—and a local, homegrown brand such as ANTHILL Fabric Gallery is one of those clothing brands that spoke to my core—when we were first introduced in 2015, she felt like the type of friend who feels like we’ve known each other for years.

ANTHILL pieces have a signature timelessness to them; an investment piece that I could lend to my grandmother or pass on to the next generation. Whenever I’m attending an overseas event where I have to represent the Philippines—whether it’s an international conference, business expo, product launch or even an international latin dance festival, I wear an ANTHILL piece with pride.

and it doesn’t hurt that I always get compliments everywhere. They are even more impressed that the pieces are hand-loomed by local Philippine weavers!

One of my favorite collections was launched this year, ‘Kalikasan’, the exclusive collection for Artefino 2019. ‘Kalikasan’ is Filipino for ‘nature’, an ode to Mother Nature sung to the tune of innovation and co-creation. As the moniker suggests, the pieces from the collection take inspiration from the abundance in the Philippines’ natural habitats and ecology, honoring the unmatched diversity and connection of natural forms. The influence manifests in the collection’s designs, patterns, raw materials, and collaborations.

As a proud weave wearer, I’m pleased and honored to be chosen to be one of the ambassadors of the Kalikasan collection, along with Kymberly Maitland Smith.

Personal Favorites for the Workplace

ANTHILL’s staple weave is featured in the collection, the Kantarines from the Mang Abel Ti Abra community in Ilocos. In the Kalikasan collection we see the unveiling of the Abaca textile with the Azucena Abaca Blouse. It’s a classic feminine top of all-natural Abaca Silk woven by the artisans at Malabor and accented with coconut shell buttons – the most biodegradable piece by ANTHILL so far.

Another personal favorite is the featured renowned “Zerowaste Weave” textile; featuring upcycles of scrap fabrics from commercial production end cuts and discarded hotel linens into stripe weaves.

“ This is a very special collection as we continue to explore and innovate textile designs and applications while honing the natural aesthetics and design capabilities of every weaver,” said Textile and Apparel Designer Jessica Ouano. “This collection is a creative harvest that honors not just the bounty of our natural resources but as well as our innate ingenious talent and creativity.”

Everything in the collection is breathtaking—from the Abaca blouses to the pencil skirts and dresses, every piece is perfect for the lady boss to wow her associates, suppliers, colleagues and clients in the workplace, locally and internationally.

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