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Into the World of Podcasts

“Traffic is a sign of progress.”

My friend tried to lighten my mood while we were stuck in the 7PM Banilad road traffic jam. I snorted. What she said is probably true, but how I wished this wasn’t the case, had our economy done some long-term urban planning.


Traffic is a billion-dollar problem, and if anyone can offer a solution for it, I would bet my money on it. I felt like I spent too much time wasted stuck on the road rather than doing actual productive stuff… like spending time with my kid. or working out. or closing business deals.

Double sigh.

My only reprise in the traffic is the quiet time for me to think–thank God for Spotify. But after I tire myself rape replay button on HONNE, I resorted to more productive means–podcasts.

I first got heavily into podcasts while I was in the US in 2017. By definition, podcasts are episodic series of audio files where users can download and listen to. Embarrassingly, I hadn’t known about podcasts before. I wasn’t much of a pop culture consumer, anyway. However, commuting makes one shift your media behavior heavily. Personally, podcasts became the easiest form to consume as a heavy commuter / pedestrian.

Podcasts are nowadays dubbed as the millennial’s radio. Think of it as Internet Radio on Demand–you can listen to podcasts at your own schedule, with a wide array of topics: may it be business, finance, news, psychology, history, philosophy, or stories, there’s always something for you.

The rich resource for this type of consumption was now available online–in the palm of my fingertips–I could listen to 3 podcast episodes a day of different genres. It was amazing how I could jump from behavioral economics, to Nietzsche, to offshore finance, to Hae Min Lee murder in a span of an hour!

Local Podcasts in the Scene

When I returned to Cebu, one of the first things I did was to look up at local podcasts, and this was where I met amazing individuals who had the same passion for podcasts as myself.

Podcast Interview for The Big Picture Philippines with Dave and Joseph

The podcast community is small but growing, and I have heard amazing content created and now available by the likes of Issa Perez of Issaplease, Carlo Villarica of ZeroThreeTwo Conversations, Jullian Sibi of The Creator Life and Dave Visaya and Joseph Librero of The Big Picture Podcast. Every local podcast have also carved a niche on their own, such as the local music and creative scene for ZeroThreeTwo, content creators for The Creator Life, and business and productivity for The Big Picture Philippines.

You can hear podcasts in apps such as Apple or Spotify. Spotify links below:

The Warmth of Voice

There is something so charming and authentic about voice; that for some reason, people start treating their favorite podcast hosts like close friends. For example, when I met Joseph and Dave for the first time, I already heard a couple of their episodes at The Big Picture Philippines–and it felt like I already knew them like close friends as I was already acquainted with their voice.

This is something local brands and advertisers should think about. Podcast listenership is increasing, and if my favorite podcast host (like Steven Dubner) ever sells me spam or airbeds or a diet meal plan, I would most probably believe him more than I would a local celebrity endorser on the TV screen.

Welcome to the world of podcasts!

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