The Biggest Dutch Pancake Event Happens in Cebu

Dutch Pancake XXL Event in Cebu

Last September at Plaza Independencia, Dutch Pancake came to Cebu to achieve one major feat: to create the biggest Dutch Pancake event in Cebu! The goal is to make (and feed) more than 1,000 people!

What is Dutch Pancake Event XXL in Cebu?

What’s Pancake Surfing?

Pancake surfing is the concept of traveling the world and organizing events with pancakes at local places.

Now, Dutch Pancake Nights has been done all over the world for more than 450 times, in 70+ countries and 140+ cities, e.g. Rome, New York, Rio de Janeiro, London, Tokyo, Casablanca, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, Mexico City and more.


Author: Rachel Arandilla

too neurotic for the island life, but too bohemian for the corporate life.

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