Amazing Cebu Drone Reel by Abigail Aquino

Amazing Cebu Drone Reel
by Abigail Aquino

Talk about girl power. I am a big fan of this young, bright and talented woman from Cebu: Abigail Aquino.

She was a former student of mine when I taught in the University of San Carlos – School of Architecture, Fine Arts and Design a few years back. Now, I have seen her work online and have been watching this talent closely.

Amazing Cebu Drone Pilot: Abigail Aquino

Abigail Aquino has found her niche in drone photography and videography, and featured all over the world–from the New York News to National Geographic.

Her work has been viral online in various social media, blogs and websites.

It is worthy of note that in the world of drone, only less than 5% of drone operators are female.

See the beauty of Cebu’s less traveled places with this amazing cebu drone reel, made by Awkward Abbey.

You can visit and follow her Facebook page at Awkward Abbey.


Author: Rachel Arandilla

too neurotic for the island life, but too bohemian for the corporate life.

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