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Filipino food is notorious for being unhealthy: high in fat content, often deep-fried with a lot of carbs. It’s difficult to order vegetarian or vegan meals in Filipino restaurants, whose food items come with meat.

It may be difficult, but it’s not impossible. A lot of vegan restaurants have popped up around the city, and one of the best ones is a small vegan restaurant tucked in Maxwell hotel: Lunhaw Vegan Cafe.


The vegan diet does not use any animal products or bi-products e.g. meat, fish, eggsor even dairy such as cheese, and milk. Vegan lifestyle promotes a way of living that exclude any forms of animal cruelty and exploitation.

Some opt for the vegan lifestyle for various reasons: for health, environmental or ethical reasons.


You don’t need to be vegan to dine at Lunhaw. If you are curious about exploring healthier options, or consider into transitioning into the vegan lifestyle, you can head down and try their delectable meals at affordable prices.

Lunhaw Vegan Cafe serves vegan versions of well loved dishes for appetizers, meals and drinks. They serve vegan dishes that taste like the real thing: using tofu for meat, soy for milk, etc. And it actually tastes amazingly good!

Some of my personal must-trys: the Buffalo Wings is cauliflower and broccoli covered in buffalo sauce. Their Sisig, complete with a fake egg, is one of their bestsellers! The Vibimbap, which is is the vegan take of the Korean bibimbap.

Vegan Sisig.jpg


Address: Ground Floor, The Maxwell Hotel, N Escario St, Brgy. Camputhaw, Cebu City
Opening hours: Sun-Thurs 11AM-10PM, Fri 11AM-5PM, Sat 7PM-11PM
Prices: averages 120 PHP to 250 PHP
Facebook: Lunhaw Vegan Cafe

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