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Pack Like a Pro: Pack Everything in 7KG

A few years back (2014, to be specific) I wrote an article about how to pack with a carryon baggage. I was speaking as a poor 24-year-old backpacker who fly budget airlines and promo fares and didn’t want to waste money paying for check-in luggage.

Four years later, I still don’t want to go for check-in luggage, but mostly because I don’t want to waste time waiting for my check-in luggage to come out of the conveyor belt.

So now I could say that I’m more adept at packing and stuffing 4 days worth of stuff in my small 22L trolley. I’m updating this article to give readers better and smarter tips on how to travel light!

  1. Wear basic outfits.

Choose basic outfits that are flexible—they must be easy to wear, layer, mix and match. I tend to go for plain shirts and nude colors; and I go for clothes that don’t wrinkle. I leave my more daring choices like colors and patterns on my scarves and accessories. Speaking of…

 2. Lay low on accessorizing.

Sure, jewelry and accessories are cute, but after losing one too many earrings during my travels, I decided to leave them home and just bring one trusty pair of earrings (never can go wrong with hoops).

3. If possible, just bring one pair of shoes.

Two, max. You really just need a trusty pair of shoes with two basic criteria: 1. ultra-comfortable for walking and 2. can match all of your outfit.

If you must have another pair for night out, then you can tag along your sexiest lightweight heels with you.

4. Wear your bulkiest clothes.

So you don’t have to pack them, wear your bulkiest clothes, jeans and shoes to the airport. This will avoid unnecessary bulk on your carry-on.

5. Roll your clothing


I swear by this method. I can pack so much stuff in a small suitcase by rolling my clothing. That way, I can make use of unused spaces and it’s faster to pack–it prevents wrinkling, too!

6. Stash your toiletries in 100 ml bottles

Stash your shampoo, makeup remover, lotion, perfume and other toiletries in small 3.4 oz or 100 ml bottles. It’s hard to be female and need so many products, but you probably don’t need that argan oil spray for your trip to El Nido.

7. Bring an international travel adapter… or wireless charger


I love this adaptor where i can charge my laptop, iPhone, GoPro at the same time–thanks to one power socket and 2 USB ports. It eliminates your need to bring multiple adapters and chargers too.

This is probably a dinosaur way of doing it, because there is a wireless charging pod available nowadays, also known as induction charging. Not only can you leave your adapters, you can leave your cables home too!

8. Leave your towel

Use the towels available in the hotels where you’ll be staying. Bringing a towel is too bulky for your convenience. If you must bring one, you can opt for a sarong or a microfiber cloth towel.

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