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How to Score Cheap Flights to Europe


‘You must lead a very glamorous lifestyle, traveling to Europe a lot.’

One of the biggest misconceptions of my life. I wish I had Blair Waldorf’s problems, but sincerely, I don’t.

I wish I had Blair Waldorf’s problems.

The truth is, I’m just very resourceful. You can score tickets to Europe for as low as PHP 20,000 round trip, if you know how and where to look. Personally, most of my flights to Europe were around Php25,000-Php32,000 round, all-in.

Don’t Fly Direct

Very important tip: don’t fly direct from Philippines. Fly out to Hong Kong, Singapore or Kuala Lumpur first, where I’m sure you can get a handful of deals such as Cebu Pacific. Read more on CEBU PACIFIC TRAVEL HACKS. From there, you would then have multitudes of budget flight options that will take you to Europe.

Fly Budget Airlines

Fly budget carriers. Some airlines that provide the cheapest rates are: Aeroflot (you can read my review on this airline), Air China, Air France and KLM.

Don’t expect stellar service however–you get what you pay for. I have flown Aeroflot four times and each time would remember telling myself: never flying Aeroflot again!!! but then end up booking flights with them again.

Watch out for promo deals from star airlines. You can get good deals from Etihad and Emirates. Just make sure to check their sites every once in a while.

Buy on the First Month of the Year!

Airlines seem to love giving their best rates and promos on January. So make sure to plan your travels at the start of the year to get the most of your buck.

Use Airfare Comparison Websites

Not all comparison websites are created equal, and no website is also the best–but I do have my own favorite. I prefer Google Flights, but there are also other fare comparison sites such as SkyScanner and FareCompare.

Be Flexible with your Travel Dates

Of course, flying off season will greatly reduce fare costs than traveling during peak season. So generally try to avoid traveling on summer season and holiday season. Fortunately, Philippine summer is from April-May, hence I can easily get cheap flights as I prefer to travel during these months.

These are my short-and-sweet foolproof guide to getting dirt cheap flights to Europe. Nowadays, everyone can fly–it’s just about how to travel cheaper and smarter.

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11 thoughts on “How to Score Cheap Flights to Europe”

  1. Your list is indeed helpful for someone wanting to travel minus the steep price. Yup, I agree on we get what we pay for so we need not expect stellar service from budget flights. But there are budget flights that I would still prefer because of the amiable staff and excellent customer service.


  2. I will always remember you, for when the time comes I am going to go backpacking in Europe. You are the one person to get in touch with. Thank you for posting this. I had never thought you could score plane tickets less than 30K pesos.


    1. No problem Robert! I’m just an FB message away! Yes, if there’s a will, there’s always a way, even for a broke 20-something year old like me 🙂


  3. Bookmarking this for reference! I dream of going to Europe one day and these tips will for sure help me score the best deals, especially the don’t fly from the Philippines part. I never knew that.


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