How to apply for visa exemption for Taiwan

This post was written on 2015.

When Filipinos think of trips abroad, we usually think of Hong Kong, Singapore or Thailand first. We don’t normally think Taiwan for tourism, but let me tell you: it’s worth skipping the mainstream tourist destinations and try Taipei for a change.

how to apply taiwan visa free

Cebu Pacific is offering more Manila-Taipei flights and a Cebu-Taipei route starting this December 2015! No excuse to skip Taipei now, it’s a totally underrated and beautiful country. A foodie will die happy in Taiwan– the country is best known for its gluttony (I’ll get to this on a future blog post).

To get to Taiwan, Philippine Passport Holders need a Taiwan visa. I was able to bypass application for a Taiwan visa because I was eligible for visa exemption!


I. What is a Travel Exemption Certificate?

You can get a visa-free entry to Taiwan by availing of the ROC Travel Authorization certificate, which allows you to bypass the need for a Taiwan visa. The visa exemption allows travelers to stay in Taiwan for up to 30 days.

The certificate has to be printed out and presented by the foreign visitor upon immigration inspection, along with other requirements ready for immigration inspection. Failure to present the valid documents will not be admitted into Taiwan.

If you are not eligible for visa exemption, refer to my post on How to Apply for Taiwan Visa for Philippine Passport Holders.

II. Requirements

  • Valid Philippine Passport. Nationals of the Philippines, India, Thailand and Vietnam can apply for the visa exemption if they meet all said requirements
  • Valid visa or a permanent resident certificate to the following countries: US, UK, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Schengen countries.
  • Online Application form to be filled out here.

III. Waiting Period

What do you mean, waiting period? You immediately get your travel certificate after filling out the online form, in 5 seconds (or, depends on your internet connection)! It is then ready to print out and use for your travels.

IV. Other Important Reminders

  • Print out your visa exemption certificate, and in color.
  • Expiry of the visa exemption certificate is only valid for one month after application’s approval. Online application and approval is instant, so you can do it a few days before your trip. I applied mine a few months back only to realize during my packing that my exemption certificate has expired. I had to reapply for it a day before my trip–I instantly received it without any problems.
  • Make sure to bring your valid US/UK/Schengen visa to present to immigration. I normally only bring my most recent passport, but since my 10-year US tourist visa is in my old green passport, I brought that along as well.
  • A single entry visa becomes invalid once it’s already been used. However, it may be deemed acceptable to immigration inspection if: 1., visa holder arrives in Taiwan before the expiration date, and 2., if on the same continuing journey, the visa holder uses it on the issuing country before arriving Taiwan.

30 thoughts on “How to apply for visa exemption for Taiwan

    1. Hi, it was a personal experience. I printed my cert in black and white, and I was asked by the airline (Tiger) to reprint it in color. I flew from Macau-Taipei with a Filipino passport.


  1. Hi. What if I apply for a Japanese Visa (single entry only), and then I use it to enter Taiwan. Because there’s a visa exemption in Taiwan if you’re a holder of valid Japanese visa. Is this ok? Becase Japan Visa is way cheaper than Taiwan visa. Thanks!


      1. Hi I have a question regarding this. I was actually thinking of the same thing. I have a Japan trip on the 3rd week of August and Taiwan trip on the 1st week of September. Will my Japan Visa still be valid for Taiwan after my Japan trip? I need to get my certificate before the Japan trip?


  2. Hello! I already have the print-out of the Travel Authorization Certificate; do I still have to have it authenticated? Or do I simply bring the print-out with me to the airport upon immigration? Thank you!


  3. Hello! I already have my Travel Authorization Certificate printed out. Do I still have to have it authenticated, or do I simply present it as is at the airport? Thank you!


  4. What if I bring my mother with me in Taiwan and she had an expired immigrant US visa but have a Permanent Residence Certificate, is it valid for her to apply Visa Exemption to Taiwan.


  5. Hi! Am i qualified to apply taiwan visa exemption coz i have australian tourist visa single entry granted but i already used it ? Thank u


  6. Hi there! Just a question regarding the “GIVEN NAME” in the Travel Authorization Certificate. I hold a Filipino passport and I will be traveling to Taipei this weekend. It’s my second time to go there. The first time I went there was in 2014, wherein I applied for a Taiwanese tourist visa because all my OECD visas were expired. In 2015, I received my 10-year US visa, making me now eligible to apply for a Travel Authorization Certificate (TAC).

    As I was filling up the online form for the TAC, I was a bit confused with the “GIVEN NAME” field. In my previous Taiwanese visa, my GIVEN NAME is just my first name; however, in my US visa, my GIVEN NAME includes my MIDDLE NAME (Mom’s maiden surname) as well. Which should I follow in filling up the online form for the TAC?

    Also, I have been issued Australian, Korean and two Schengen visas in the past and all just bear my SURNAME and GIVEN NAME. It is only my US visa that includes my SURNAME, GIVEN NAME and MIDDLE NAME.

    Hope you can share what you did in your application. Thanks!


  7. Thanks for the info! I recently realized that I’m eligible for visa exemption but Taiwan’s website is the most confusing place I’ve been to (both virtual & real world)


  8. There’s a new update from the Taiiwan Embassy. You may use EXPIRED visas as long as they are expired for less than 10 years during your enry in taiwan.


  9. hi….i have a valid working visa in canada….before i go to canada i need to visit my girlfriend in taiwan….do i qualified in visa excemption…..


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