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Sample Travel Documents Templates

filipino passportI am probably aiding in driving travel agencies out of business–but I sincerely believe that applications should be done quick and easy so applicants can do on their own. I get asked a lot how I craft my written letters for travel document requirements, and to be honest I also just refer to my parent’s previous letters as well as sample letters online.

To make it easier for my readers, here are sample travel documents that you can craft and revise for your own applications. As long as you use the letters for personal applications and not for business purposes, you are free to use them. Don’t forget to thank me 🙂

1. Sample Letter of Introduction to the Embassy or Consulate

This is a requirement for Schengen visa applications for most embassies. It must state your travel dates, intention to travel, submitted documents and travel companions. Here is a Sample Cover Letter that can be applied on all EU embassies, and my Letter to the French Consulate to the French Embassy attached.

2. Sample Itinerary

A planned itinerary is a requirement for all tourist applications for whatever country. The itinerary is a supporting document that you are really traveling to the said country for tourism purposes. The following are sample itinerary you can revise to fit your own trip:

3. Letter of Authorization

Being based in Cebu, I often have to fly to Manila to acquire visas (US and most EU countries). I can’t afford to fly back to receive my passport, so I often have to ask someone else to collect it for me. You will need a Letter of Authorization, photocopy of your two valid IDs, two valid IDs of the authorized person, and sometimes the official receipt of your visa processing fee. Here is a template of Letter of Authorization.

4. Notarized Affidavit of Consent

To apply for DSWD Minor travel clearance, among the document required is a notarized affidavit of consent.

I’ll continue updating this page for more sample travel documents and requirements I will encounter in the future to help you with your applications. In the meantime, I hope my sample letters helped!

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6 thoughts on “Sample Travel Documents Templates”

  1. I am always in awe how some people can easily get their visas approved. Now, with your help, I can apply for one and have the same chance of getting approved. Thanks for sharing these tips! ❤


  2. Hi! Nakapag apply na po ako ng visa way back october 2015. Tapos na denied po ako. Hopefully this coming october i will try again. I am a student po, Pano po ako mag sa-submit ng proof of income ng parents ko? Im thinking of applying a tourist visa, but the thing is, yung mom&dad ko po is nasa Paris. And i am planning po sana to book a hotel, hindi po ako mag sstay sakanila kasi medyo maliit po yung apartment nila and ang mahabang process po kapag kukuha sila ng douments sa goverment don. Conflict po kaya if malaman nila na yung sponsor ko is nasa Paris din? Ano po supporting docs ang kailangan ko isubmit? Hope you’ll reply soon. Thank you!


    1. yes, mahirap po if nasa Paris din ang parents mo–there’s a bigger chance of you being a TNT kasi. a certificate of enrollment is enough and maybe your parents can help you with show money for your bank statement


  3. Hi! Hingi lang sana ako advice. Me and my mom are planning to go to Paris this December, pero she will shoulder all our expenses for i am currently unemployed.need pa po ba ng affidavit of financial support? And what is the ideal amount po for show money? Thank you.


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