Welcome to Postcard Pretty.

“Postcard-pretty” is a description that has fallen into disuse in the digital age, where postcards have faced extinction like dinosaurs. Communications sent by post are now unfairly compared with email and derided as snailmail. “Postcard-pretty” has since been replaced by “Instagrammable”… – Ambeth Ocampo, Kamel and Klein

Hey! I’m Rachel.


I’m a writer.
Under Postcard Pretty, I write for this blog and contribute for Sunstar. I have a weekly travel column out every Sunday at Sunstar Weekend.

I am also publishing a book this year! I am currently working with a publisher on a book that’s set to release by EOY. The book is entitled ‘Postcards from Elsewhere‘, a compilation of published travel essays (2012-present).

This site serves as a window display and get you updated on news on the book. Also you can look around and see some helpful travel tips, guides and resources that can help you along the way.

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Suggested Itineraries

Traveling soon? Here are some suggested itineraries I can help you with on your upcoming journey.


Published essays at my travel column, Postcard Travels at Sunstar Weekend.

The Book

I am currently working on a book that’s set to release EOY! Read more about it.


Features on print, TV, ramp, events, and anything in between.