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Hey! I’m Rachel Arandilla, travel writer behind Postcard Pretty. I’ve lived in 5 different cities around the world and traveled to 40 countries. I travel at least once a month and my current home base is in Cebu City, Philippines.

Nowadays where everyone is looking for Instagram-worthy shots, I’m still stuck enamored at postcard-pretty places.

Here you can find a rich resource of travel guides and stories for every traveler in mind. This is a travel blog aimed for Filipino travelers who seek to explore within the Philippines and around the world.

I have a weekly travel column at Sunstar Weekend every Sunday.

My first published book, Postcards from Elsewhere, is out! Get to know more about The Book. To order the book, follow this link or click on the picture below:

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I loved reading your book. It was like reading a few of my own experiences but narrated better than I could ever tell it. It was like reading pieces of proper cultural perspective, especially on your take about always being mistaken as the wrong type of Asian (never Filipino, too much feels lol) Thanks again for writing your book!

My bestfriend (now boyfriend) gave me a copy of your book, and it was honestly the best xmas gift ever!


I was at Purveyor earlier and saw her book. Firstly, I gotta say, her way with words has charmed me in many ways. Then her storytelling made me curious to find out how old she was. I sensed that Rachel is just around my age, but it seems like she has done so much, achieved so much–it’s hard for me not to compare where I am at this point in my life. I feel so experienced.

At the same time, so inspired! I am more driven to go out there and experience more things in life. As I was reading the first few chapters of Rachel’s book, I realized that writers must be really mindful of every moment so they could capture as many details as possible for future output. Maybe there’s the reason why her stories seem to be so rich and interesting.

Anonymous Reader

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